Hello, I am Crystal!  I am a loving wife and mother to two small children (7) and (4).  I was initially drawn to photography as a way to document the fleeting moments of our lives.  Little did I know this hobby would fill me to the brim with such joy and inspiration.  It has enabled me to invite creativity back into the simple moments of my daily life; watching our son's curls light up in a small patch of golden sunlight, studying the way the light hits our daughter's dress as she twirls.  It all lights a fire in me, that I feel truly blessed to be able to share with my clients.

A session with me will be casual, fun and honest. When I am photographing clients my first goal is to put you at ease, so that you can show me your true selves.  I think of our time together as an opportunity to learn a little bit about your life, so that I can properly represent your story and the connections therein.  Whether I am hired to document the completion of a high school career, the connection between two partners, a quick embrace from your toddler, or silly faces and a spontaneous giggles!  I love silly, I love fun, I love the way family feels and I would truly be honored to capture yours.  I currently live in the beautiful Napa Valley, but being that I am a Sonoma County native I will gladly travel west for a session-it will always be my home. Thanks for stopping by!